Our Coffee


La Golondrina

Popayan, Colombia

Colombia’s tiny, family-run farms have traditionally  sold their produce to exporters for mass-market blending  and homogenization, causing many of the country’s most  exquisite coffees to get lost in the mix. Our unique La  Golondrina project, however, partners directly with  Popayan’s most talented and dedicated farmers to source  only the best lots of each harvest. In the cup, expect layers  upon layers of sweet caramel and chocolate atop subtle                                                                                           notes of black cherry and wine.





Jagong, Sumatra



We’ve spent years studying the mysterious coffees from the northern tip of the island of Sumatra, grown by the Gayo people in the mountains surrounding Lake Tawar. Years ago, we made an exciting discovery: in a little valley called Jagong there sits a small coffee mill which produces, by far, the most beautiful coffees of the region. Deep notes of dark chocolate and spice layer atop a heavy, syrupy body. Just a touch of fruit rounds out the experience – mouthwateringly profound and intense.

For more information about our coffee visit: http://counterculturecoffee.com/coffee


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