Donate Now!

5 Reasons to Donate to Brooklyn College Coffee:

1) We are the first project of student-run collective business of our kind at the City University of New York.

2) We are a group of  passionate students dedicated to bringing direct-trade, quality, ethically-sourced coffee to the Brooklyn College campus.

3) We are paving the way for future student projects and initiatives across CUNY campuses.

4) We are providing students with meaningful jobs on the Brooklyn College campus.

5) We are fostering a sense of community that is severely lacking on Brooklyn College campus.

So, what’s the deal with donating?

Your donations are very much appreciated! Brooklyn College Coffee has 501(c)3 status, so lucky for you any donations over 50 dollars are tax-deductible! Your donations will contribute to the overall sustainability of our project by enabling us to provide student stipends for the 118 volunteer man-hours a week that our collective members are currently dedicating. Donations will also cover the costs of high-quality equipment and ethically sourced ingredients to better meet the needs of our community.


One response to “Donate Now!

  1. I don’t think I can make the 4/21 celebration, but do want to buy a ticket to contribute. Please advise? Best of luck with it all, Roni Natov

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