Brooklyn College Coffee is a collectively-run, consensus-based student coffee shop. Our cooperative business model provides an opportunity for students to empower themselves by creating and controlling a workplace they want.

Through our work, collective members learn practical skills in contrast with the academic side of college life, as they actively seek out a comprehensive understanding of coffee and its importance in the world economy, the difficulties and benefits of collective business models, and the City University of New York’s (CUNY) educational system and challenges.

We see these challenges as opportunities to, collectively, shape the social spaces of our university as well as the way our community looks at coffee. We strive to provide an accessible place for students to meet and socialize, and do difficult trailblazing work so that other students will be inspired to undertake similar cooperative projects. We measure our success through sustainability and justice. We are a refreshing, inspiring movement of empowered and motivated students. We are already changing the CUNY culture just by being here.


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