Monthly Archives: March 2011

Hey Brooklyn College, Come Get Served!

Brooklyn College Coffee Collective wants to do its part in terms of  building and strengthening the diverse student/ faculty community here on campus. Our Collective ideals were not chosen arbitrarily in an attempt to be different from other businesses on campus nor are we trying to start a fad. We believe that by doing away with hierarchies puts everyone on common ground and allows us to better access each others experiences and knowledge to address issues that affect us all here on campus…with that said we need your help building a list of  Safe Space ideals that will help us all communicate honestly and openly, without fear of judgement. If you have anything you would like to add to the list Email Us at

Support Collectives…Not Corporations!



Brooklyn College Espresso…COMING SOON!

We Can’t Wait for Spring…how about you?

As the raindrops drum against my windowpane

They syncopated to the rhythm of my ever beating heart

And usually that would be enough…

…but I need more


As the sun graces the unlimited sky

She brings with her the warm glow that only intensifies my own

And usually that’d be…enough


Today I need more…