Monthly Archives: September 2010

Open for the Semester!

Remember us? The first-ever student run, collectively managed business on a CUNY campus?

Your favorite coffee collective is back in the student center for the rest of the semester!

Come meet our new members Dean, Heather and Fran as they serve up delicious coffee and tea.

Baked goods are a sure thing all day, every day!

Our hours are set: 9am to 4pm

delivery is back: call us at 347 461 2560 anytime and we will deliver your coffee anywhere on campus!

or email us at

Last but not least we will be installing our new grinders and espresso machine in the next couple weeks and so  you will be able to order lattes and such. We are so excited!

We missed you!



Organic, Direct-Trade Counter Culture Coffee:
12oz $1.50
16oz $2.00
Iced and Hot are the same price!

La Golondrina
Popayan, Colombia

Colombia’s tiny, family-run farms have traditionally sold their produce to exporters for mass-market blending and homogenization, causing many of the country’s most exquisite coffees to get lost in the mix. Our unique La Golondrina project, however, partners directly with Popayan’s most talented and dedicated farmers to source only the best lots of each harvest. In the cup, expect layers upon layers of sweet caramel and chocolate atop subtle notes of black cherry and wine.

Organic, Fair-Trade Rishi Tea
12oz: $1.25
16oz: $1.50

Masala Chai
China Breakfast