As we go on, we remember . . .

. . . all the times we, shared together.  Innumerable thanks to everyone who supported the Brooklyn College Coffee Collective this year-those who donated, those who bought our coffee, those who stopped by to chat, those who gave words of encouragement, and those who promoted us in conversation with friends.

We are now officially closed for the summer, but we will be back in the fall!!! Current plans even include an espresso machine by the time we open. Get ready for the best lattes in town!  And we are certainly planning a fantastic Grand Opening so we can celebrate with y’all.

Sadly, Tara is graduating, Anne is studying in Costa Rica, and Stephen is finding his true calling as a road trippin’ mountain man, so you won’t get to see their pretty faces come September. However, Conor, Izzy, Biola, Meredith, Stavros, Uruj, and Iona will be welcoming you back with big smiles (the schoolwork, not so much).

Thanks again for your immense support, since we couldn’t have made it through (both financially and emotionally) without you :}

See ya in the fall!

Who you gonna call? Coffee Collective!


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